[Mono-list] NET using Java VMs and libs

Kunle Odutola kunle.odutola@virgin.net
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:11:14 -0000

I didn't really want to get into this but....

> So me suggesting Java VM as another way to get NET up an running on
> other platforms, make me a MS hater?

Have you wondered *why* Java is still written in C/C++?. It has being six
years since Java's introduction, long enough imo for it's creators to have
moved from the C/C++ bootstrap to re-writing most of Java in Java itself.
Why haven't they done that?

Yet even before .NET was officially out, we already have projects like Mono
that are building .NET clones using .NET itself for the most part.

> What I tried to say in my following posting, is that this is not about
> Sun or MS, its about running NET on other platforms! This is the whole
> idea of mono!

What is wrong with extending .NET to other platforms using the same tools -
i.e. C/C++/Asembler - that is used to extend Java to other platforms?.

It has already been pointed out to you that performance is an issue for
implementing .NET in Java. So also would be access to native platform
resources (for P/Invoke etc). Also, Java's designer's "purist" agenda has
hobbled the language in many areas for instance IMHO.

> Well if I thought that Java was the "only" language, then why do I show
> interest i C# and NET, by subscribing to this list?
> The strength of Java, has been that I can use Java apps on win, linux,
> mac os x without doing any recompiling, or modifications.

Write Once, Test Everywhere?

> Forget Java! Let me try this again. You do your programming in C#. But
> runs it on a Java VM! You don't need to know Java to do this. This of
> cause means that the NET classes is either written/converted to Java, or
> compiled direct to java byte code, and run on the VM.

Why?. C# has it's own execution engine that is vastly more flexible than the
JVM. Imagine having to implement P/Invoke and COM Interop (or Bonobo/CORBA
Interop) in Mono if it sat atop a JVM......yuk!!!

> I don't care if you use Java and the Java VM!!!!!!! All Im saying is
> that Java VM,s exists for a multitude of OS'es and platforms.

So will C#/CLR.

> So if you
> can get NET to run on to of a Java VM, then you are building on top of a
> well tested VM. And you are not limited to Sun! IBM and others is making
> there own VM's.

Perhaps you really want a different project?. Kaffe perhaps?