[Mono-list] NET using Java VMs and libs

Niels Peter Strandberg nielspeter@npstrandberg.com
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 11:57:36 +0100

>> Microsoft is "the evil Empire"!  ;-)
> Believing this will get you nowhere fast. Believing some group or
> company to be "evil" limits your ability to accept what they've done. In
> fact, by subscribing to this theory, you're contradicting yourself by
> using Mono at all -- since, really, it _is_ a (port of a) creation of
> this _Evil Empire_, no?
>> This is not about Sun vs Microsoft. This is not about Microsoft. . This
>> is about not need to own the latest windows, or window att all. Isn't
>> that what mono is all about, when they want mono to run on linux?
> Agreed. But if this is so, why the line about the "Evil Empire" above,
> even if it is in jest?

If you look at my first posting to this list, I don't mention MS as the 
"Evil Empire" or even making such a suggestion. I don't say any thing 
bad about MS. It was one who replied to my posting who used the words: 
"...I don't understand why people consider Sun some kind of benevolent 
dictator and Microsoft the Evil Empire (tm). "

So me suggesting Java VM as another way to get NET up an running on 
other platforms, make me a MS hater?

What I tried to say in my following posting, is that this is not about 
Sun or MS, its about running NET on other platforms! This is the whole 
idea of mono!

>> It is very hard to discuss this with some people, because all they can
>> or "want to know" is Windows. They have invested maybe 1000-10.000  of
>> hours on learning to do window programming, then it is very hard to
>> start looking outside windows. But there is a beautyful world outside
>> MS, full of wonderful OS'es.
>> Java is a billion dollar industry. You have Application Servers, 
>> costing
>> 10.000 of dollars, running hardware costing 100.000 dollars. So Java is
>> not "the next greatest after NET". NET is still a baby compared to 
>> Java.
>> Just because it dos not come from MS, dos not mean that it is bad!
> The same "all they want to know is Windows", with your Java. Why limit
> yourself to just Java? Further, as has been stated previously and will
> be stated in the future, the _entire purpose_ of Mono -- aye, .NET as a
> whole -- is to create a language independent development platform that
> produces platform independent binaries. It really is the next generation
> of computing. Limiting yourself to one language seriously hinders this
> advancement.

Well if I thought that Java was the "only" language, then why do I show 
interest i C# and NET, by subscribing to this list?

The strength of Java, has been that I can use Java apps on win, linux, 
mac os x without doing any recompiling, or modifications.

>> So this should not be a discussion on "who is best", but how to make 
>> NET
>> run on other platforms, and I think "with my limited knowledge of NET"
>> that Java would be a good place to start the discussion.
> So why are you basically saying "Java is the best for .NET"? If you
> really are out for the best for .NET, you won't want to immediately
> limit it to one language -- and thus immediately limit it's abilities to
> that one language. Rather, you'll want to maintain the language
> independent framework with which .NET was designed.

Forget Java! Let me try this again. You do your programming in C#. But 
runs it on a Java VM! You don't need to know Java to do this. This of 
cause means that the NET classes is either written/converted to Java, or 
compiled direct to java byte code, and run on the VM.

I don't care if you use Java and the Java VM!!!!!!! All Im saying is 
that Java VM,s exists for a multitude of OS'es and platforms. So if you 
can get NET to run on to of a Java VM, then you are building on top of a 
well tested VM. And you are not limited to Sun! IBM and others is making 
there own VM's.

>> I myself runs Win, Linux and Mac OS X. The win is only for games!
> OK, so you run Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

This is to illustrate, that not all uses Win as there main OS, and to 
illustrate that it would be nice to do NET on all of them!

Niels Peter