[Mono-list] .NET webserver and contributing.

Tobias Rundström tobi@nbsp.se
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 13:09:24 +0100


My name is Tobias Rundström, I am CTO of nbsp;Solutions, a opensource
company in Malmo/Sweden. We have lately started to look at .NET and the of
course the mono project. I have some questions about the project, and about
contributing to it.


* I guess there is plans to build a apache module for C# interpeting, has
this work started? Is the plan to use the current aspx language to parse
templates? (ie. <asp:table> and so). I guess that System.Web.UI.Template
classes should be used for this. Has that work begun? what is left?

Secondly our company is very instressted into offering our customers UNIX
based .NET services, is this a problem for the MONO (or Ximian) if we as a
company starts to contributing to the project?

Greetings Tobias Rundström
CTO nbsp;Solutions.