[Mono-list] Does corlib_res.dll test work or not?

Ulrich Kunitz gefm21@uumail.de
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 10:34:48 +0100

Nick Drochak wrote:

> | So why has the corlib_res.dll been commented out?
> |
> I think I was the one who did that.  There are many places in the corlibs
> now where icalls (internal calls) are made that require the mono runtime.
> You simply cannot test unless you run the tests under either mono or mint.

Ok, seems to be a real problem. I found out, for running my tests it
hasn't been a good idea to include System.Char in corlib_res.dll. 
This gets the CLR into thinking, that a char[] is different from a
System.Char[]. Excluding it takes me further.

Another problem is, that some tests are simply depending on
configuration. I get errors because my currency setting is different.

> I have been trying to get the unit tests working on Linux.  First, I am
> trying to get Martin Baulig's RunTests.corlib.exe to work on both mono and
> mint, and then I will move on to getting NUnitConsole running there.
> I would love some help since I basically have learn how to debug C programs
> on Linux in order to figure out what the problems are, and that takes some
> time. Seems like I even have to learn x86 assembly now too :)

Ok, after I've my *Calendar stuff running and my easter holiday is over,
I will try to built up an environment under Linux and look what I can


Ulrich Kunitz

Ulrich Kunitz (gefm21@uumail.de)