[Mono-list] New class status stuff

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 17:42:37 -0800

I added a couple of things to the class status page.

It now shows items that are 'extra', ie items that are visible from
outside mono's version of the assembly, but do not exist in MS's
version. Currently it flags overrides as being 'extra'.

Also shown are some errors. You can hover over the red exclamation marks
to see what the error is.

For example:
- System._AppDomain seems to have a spelling mistake in its "GetData"
- System.Array has a constructor that should not be public, and a few
extra properties.
- System.ContextBoundObject is incorrectly derived from System.Object
- System.Runtime.Remoting.ObjectHandle seems to implement the wrong
Please take a quick look at the namespace/classes you're working on just
to sanity check my logic. Remember: you can click on the text of the
item to go directly to the msdn docs.