[Mono-list] Re: NET using Java VMs and libs

Morten Sylvest Olsen mortenolsen@mail.com
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 10:06:22 +0100 (CET)

> 1) "Do NET in Java" - The NET classes is very similar to the Java
> classes. We have access to the source code of the Java classes. Why not
> implement the NET classes using java, and it might in some cases just be
> a question of wrapping the NET classes around a Java class.

Well, how about the opposite? :)

I am almost finished with a project for Uni where I among other things
have looked at CLR and JVM virtual machines. As part of this I have
modified the Pizza (Java+(Generics, ML datatypes, first-class funtions) )
compiler to generate code for the .NET CLR. Well, it just basically works
(and it bootstraps itself, yay)

But I have had to use the J# .NET implementation of JDK1.02. If somebody
would like to re-implement the Java class libraries for .NET that would be
swell ;-) It should be possible to target Classpath at the CLR...

When I have handed in the bloody report, I plan to see if the back-end can
be reintegrated into Pizza, so everybody can get the guilty pleasure of
running unmodified Java programs on .NET ;-)

- Morten

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