[Mono-list] Hey, How's it going?

Jason Moore punkymunkywunky@yahoo.com
24 Mar 2002 19:43:06 -0700

So, my job has not been very intellectually stimulating as of late and
so I'm looking for a project to contribute to. I think Mono might be the
lucky winner. 

A little about myself for anyone that's interested. I'm 23, live in
Colorado Springs, CO. For a living I'm a software developer making
high-fidelity satellite constellation simulators in, of all languages,
Ada. I've done lots of C, some C++, a tiny bit of Java, and tons of
Perl. Once upon a time I created Jabberfox
(http://jabberfox.sourceforge.net), which is in Objective-C. 

What I'd like to contribute to this project is parts of the class
library, and respective test cases. Of course, I do have some questions.

Is there any kind of prioritization of what classes need to be
implemented first?

Any suggestions of a class that desperately needs a test case?

What is the mean airspeed of an unladen african swallow?