[Mono-list] mono 0.9 doesn't compile automatically?

Greg Haerr Greg Haerr" <greg@censoft.com
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 22:53:36 -0700

    I'm new to this project, but I can't get the mono 0.9 pkg to compile
either automatically or with the mono-build-w32.sh script.
I'm running Cygwin on Win98 and just trying to compile
the simpler mono sources, not the C# compiler.  The automatic
mono-build-w32.sh script fails after running libtoolize, aclocal
and autoheader, when running automake:

Makefile.am:9: required directory ./libgc does not exist

Any ideas?

When trying to manually compile everything, ./configure --prefix=
completes, and the make files during a compilation looking
for the netdb.h file, and I'm not sure where that's supposed to come
from.  I've asked for most all libraries in the net-based cygwin install.

BTW, looks like a great project, I hope to contribute in a number of areas.