[Mono-list] Some more class library compliance issues

Jason Diamond jason@injektilo.org
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 07:54:37 -0800

> If you see any false negatives, please let me know.

> -- System.Xml.dll --
> WARNING: System.Xml.XmlDocument.NodeInserting is: 'Field' [should be:
> 'Event']
> WARNING: System.Xml.XmlDocument.NodeInserted is: 'Field' [should be:
> 'Event']
> WARNING: System.Xml.XmlDocument.NodeRemoving is: 'Field' [should be:
> 'Event']
> WARNING: System.Xml.XmlDocument.NodeRemoved is: 'Field' [should be:
> 'Event']
> WARNING: System.Xml.XmlDocument.NodeChanging is: 'Field' [should be:
> 'Event']
> WARNING: System.Xml.XmlDocument.NodeChanged is: 'Field' [should be:
> 'Event']

These actually are events. If I recall correctly, NDoc had to do hack around
the fact that events look like fields when you're using reflection.