[Mono-list] LCC and CIL

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
11 Mar 2002 11:32:55 -0500


> Note that LCC is not "open source software" in the sense defined by
> www.opensource.org; selling derivative works is not permitted, in general,
> without buying a separate license from Addison-Wesley.

Yes, we did notice that.  It is unfortunate as you point out.  The idea
of this is just an exercise in writing a CIL back-end for LCC as a proof
of concept.  And then you could also do neat things with it.

The long term solution would be to do this with gcc, but this is a
smaller, easier compiler to understand. 

> But if you do want to port LCC to target IL, it might be a good idea
> to check to see if anyone has done this already, e.g. by asking in
> comp.compilers.lcc.

Completely agreed.  We did some searching on google and were not able to
find anything about it.  I know that some of the original lcc developers
did a port to the CIL at Microsoft, but I do not know of the code having
being released. 

It might be worth sending them e-mail directly.