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Tue, 5 Mar 2002 21:39:53 +0530

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: * ChangeLog:  My frustration appears here.
: + I have planned to stop work for the time being. The reasons are
: + seemingly obvious. I have to go and read some theory and get the
: + philosophy and the procedure involved. I think there would deep
: + linkage with System.Web.Configuration namespace.
: +
: + What I have planned is to first come with some architecture over
: + which I will build some modules that will finally lead to code
: + generation. Hooh! A long way to go before I get sandwiched in the
: + exams that start next week.

    Looks like I need to sit back for a while and come up with some architecture
to work on.

    I may be putting in some methods (public or internal) in
System.Web.Configuration and / or System.Web.SessionState. I guess, some of you
are busy preparing the Runtime. If you, or for that matter anyone, have any work
done / doing in the areas mentioned, please let me know.

    Does anyone of you have any pointers to anything that may have cropped up
similar elsewhere?

    The issues:
    * FormsAuthentication class has things involving Encrpytion / Decryption -
but I am not quite sure about what role does the encryptionTicket play. Is it
same as "key" or something more? Is there any specific method to be deployed for
en/de-cryption, can we have anything?

    * Session expiration and settings thereafter. Building and Managing.

    * <...>AuthorizationModule: What all steps have to be completed during
initialization. The classes implement a common interface IHttpModule that has
two methods Dispose and Init.

    * WindowsAuthenticationModule: Will we need LinuxAuthenticationModule etc

    Help me ;-) :(( :((

Gaurav Vaish

: +
: +
: +2002-03-05 Gaurav Vaish <gvaish@iitk.ac.in>
: +
:   * DefaultAuthenticationModule.cs  - Initial implementation.
:   * FileAuthorizationModule.cs      - Initial implementation.
:   * FormsAuthentication.cs          - First touch.
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