[Mono-list] FYI : Mono on the MSDN site

Talbott Crowell tcrowell@thirdm.com
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 20:55:36 -0400

My understanding of .NET is that the EJB analogy
was the first part of .NET to be go production. When
.NET was first released it was called NGWS (next
generation windows services) and it included:
ASP+, ADO+, COM+. But when Windows 2000 shipped, COM+
was production quality while ASP+ and ADO+ were not
there yet.  Since then the Microsoft marketing department
renamed NGWS to .NET and renamed what was still
unreleased.  ASP+ became ASP.NET and ADO+ became
ADO.NET.  I'm not sure why they skipped GDI+.

Here is the translation table:

Enterprise ------------- J2EE ------------- .NET
Web Server Extensions - JSP/Servlet ------ ASP.NET
XML Web Services ------- WSDP ------------- Web Services
Transaction Monitor ---- EJB -------------- COM+
Database Integration --- JDBC ------------- ADO.NET

Java package -> .NET namespace
javax.servlet -> System.Web
javax.xml.rpc -> System.Web.Services
javax.ejb -> System.EnterpriseServices
javax.sql -> System.Data

So if System.EnterpriseServices is the EJB equivalent,
then it's just a matter of implementing that namespace
using a Linux CTM (Component Transaction Monitor).

Third Millennium, LLP       

> > Java has Sun for standards like Servlets, EJB,
> > Transaction Processing and others. But I still
> > didn't
> > find standards like that for .Net, for example,
> > transaction processing. I know there is COM+ and
> > MTS,
> > but what about Mono on Unix? 
> good question, I don't know, I liked the promises of
> the EJB. 
> I think that web services are the servlets.
> EJBs are then described by WSDl. 
> Transaction processing is not covered.
> I bet that you will see a analogy to EJBs translated
> to DotNet very soon now.