mono and .NET Compact Framework (was: Re: [Mono-list] CLI and devices)

Guenther Roith
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 16:34:26 +0200

Hello, everybody!

> Ehm, not that I want to start a flamewar, but the CLDC J2EE profile runs
> devices with as little as 512k ROM and 128k RAM memory (and that includes
> needed libraries, JVM, class libraries, and program memory). Haven't
> at the new Compact .NET for pocketpc's, but I guess it will be pretty
> in its requirements

In fact, the best and easiest solution for a stripped down version of mono
would be compatible to the compact framework (easier to port from to mono, a clear direction where development could go).

I know, this is not a task for the next time, but if mono decides to take
it, compatiblity would be a good thing.