[Mono-list] System.EnterpriseServices NameSpace

Chris J. Breisch cjbreisch@altavista.net
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 12:51:56 -0500

From what I can see, nothing is currently being done with that.  AFAIK,
there's nothing that would prohibit us from doing it.  We'd need the

1) PInvoke support and Marshalling (done, I believe)
2) Assembly signing (not absolutely required, but things get messy with
MTS without it, I think)
3) Remoting support.  I have no idea where that is.  My guess is that it
4) Obviously, we have to develop the class implementations themselves.
Are they part of the ECMA spec?  I don't remember seeing them there, so
we'd have to go with what's on MSDN as our source for information.
That's not a real problem, although it isn't always as complete as you'd

I'm currently busy with other things, but this is something I might be
interested in taking a stab at later.  There are a few other things I'd
like to see working first though.

In case you're interested, the "Bible" on COM and .NET interoperability
is ".NET and COM - The Complete Interoperability Guide" by Adam Nathan.
1600 pages on everything you'd want to know on .NET and COM and how they
work together.  Surprisingly it doesn't have that many pages on
Component Services, but you don't really need that many with everything
else that's there. He just treats it as an extension of the regular COM
and .NET stuff, which it is.

Chris J. Breisch, MCSD, MCDBA

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I am a beginner in open source technologies. Are there any  plans of the
MONO project to implement System.EnterpriseServices namespace? Is it
even possible to do it? I believe this namespace create .NET com+
components  which allows for pooled objects in Components Service
Manager in Windows 2000 (MTS did this to in NT). Sorry for my ignorance.


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