[Mono-list] Mono fitness for ircd project

Remco Rijnders remco@webconquest.com
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 05:20:13 +0200

[t3rmin4t0r, I Cc: this reply to the mono list, I hope you do not mind]

On Tuesday 04 June 2002 02:21, t3rmin4t0r wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 08:33:42PM +0200, Remco Rijnders wrote:
> > I have been looking into .NET for work purposes. As I'm a *nix man by
> > heart, I naturally came across Mono. It seemed like a good idea for
> > me to get some experience with C# by developing an application using
> > the tools available.
> Are you looking at the basic runtime only ?.. or the whole development
> environment. Coz I haven't been able to run the MCS compiled .exes in
> Windows .

It was my understanding that a program compiled into the bytecode 
language should be able to run on any .NET compatible platform unchanged. 
If this is not yet the case today but is planned to be in say, half a 
year down the road, then that would be acceptable as well.

> I don't know if Mono has a System.Regex package running on *nix .. Ask
> on list ..

Anyone? :)

> > I realise that by asking this list I'll get somewhat biased answers
> > but I'm interested in your opinions on it.
> Not exactly there are quite a few unbiased people looking thru this
> list.

Yes, so far I've been impressed and pleased by the answers received. They 
also look at the subject from different perspectives; very nice indeed :)

> Also someone from the Portable.Net team was trying to write an IRC bot
> ... maybe you could get more help there ?.
> I prefer Portable.Net to Mono, coz their compiler is in C and I can
> compile it any box I can lay my hands on (Linux, Hurd, OS X, HPUX,
> Solaris) where I have GCC . They seem to be tuning their runtime
> recently ... (and seem to have touched 70% of Mono's JIT without a
> JIT)... I'm still waiting for them to finish that JIT to recommend it
> at work.

Ok, I had not heard about portable.net yet. (I''ve only started looking 
into this whole thing yesterday). Am I right in understanding that I 
should be able to code an application in C# and compile it under either 
Mono / Portable.Net / Microsoft .NET and have it work?

> Btw, pnet seems to be better focussed on a server platform as that was
> the original intention -- unlike Mono's Gnome desktop integration
> ideas.

Thank you for your response :)

Kind regards,


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