[Mono-list] Mono fitness for ircd project

Andy Satori dru@druware.com
Mon, 3 Jun 2002 17:42:47 -0400

I have a rudimentary MUD server written in C# running on Windows that
can handle large connection volumes, (basic testing, I've had as many as
a 1000 concurrent connections each of the 6 test machines I had
available to me that weekend).  It doesn't actually do anything with
those connections other than monitor them for a
connected/read/write/disconnected state.  I haven't had a chance to
build this under Linux though, I've been more focused on getting Mono
running under OS X.  


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> Hello Remco,
> > The ircd would (if it ever would come out of development) support a
> > network of about 1250 users at peek times. I'd like to have 
> it scale well 
> > to 10000 users as one might never know what the future 
> might bring. Do 
> > you have any idea what the performance penalty might be 
> between C# and a 
> > natively compiled C program? I know Java performs much 
> better now than 
> > only a few years back and was hoping that C# might be able 
> to run the 
> > ircd at about 2x the cost of native code as that would be 
> acceptable to 
> > me.
> I have a friend that wrote some set of kernel hacks to improve the
> performance of his IRC server (Jordi Murgó, from Catalunya).   Of
> course, he was dealing with a large volume.  
> So it really depends on the hardware you have, the volume you 
> plan on dealing with, and the architecture.  
> It would be nice if the Mono runtime could be tuned for 
> processing large volumes, and if this is achieved by this 
> kind of needs (and we can ahem, "convince you"), then it 
> seems like a pretty good deal.
> Miguel
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