[Mono-list] Mono fitness for ircd project

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
03 Jun 2002 17:23:12 -0400

Hello Remco,

> The ircd would (if it ever would come out of development) support a 
> network of about 1250 users at peek times. I'd like to have it scale well 
> to 10000 users as one might never know what the future might bring. Do 
> you have any idea what the performance penalty might be between C# and a 
> natively compiled C program? I know Java performs much better now than 
> only a few years back and was hoping that C# might be able to run the 
> ircd at about 2x the cost of native code as that would be acceptable to 
> me.

I have a friend that wrote some set of kernel hacks to improve the
performance of his IRC server (Jordi Murgó, from Catalunya).   Of
course, he was dealing with a large volume.  

So it really depends on the hardware you have, the volume you plan on
dealing with, and the architecture.  

It would be nice if the Mono runtime could be tuned for processing large
volumes, and if this is achieved by this kind of needs (and we can ahem,
"convince you"), then it seems like a pretty good deal.