[Mono-list] [PATCH] Test case and fix for XML Declaration parsing

David Sheldon dave-monolist@earth.li
Sun, 2 Jun 2002 23:38:12 +0100

Right, my first useful submission. Please let me have feedback so that I
can be more useful with future attempts.

The parser for XML Declarations was simplistic and failed under a lot of
cases. This should make it parse all cases covered by the notation in 
It will also accept some cases that are not valid. Should we be
insisting that, for example, only "version", "encoding" and "standalone"
exist, and they are in the correct order, or should we be being lenient
with what we receive?  

I think I need to ask some questions here:

1) My second test case cases an exception at the moment, causing the 
  further tests not to run. This appears not to be caught by NUnit. Is
  this something that should be explicitly checked for?
2) I appear to have altered some spaces to tabs in the test case, I did
:set noexpandtab
:set ts=8
  in vim. Let me know if this is wrong, or if there are any other coding
  style blunders.

3) In testing this I discovered that I was unsure what chooses which
  runtime a .NET application uses on windows. It appeared that if it was
  compiled with csc then it used the Microsoft runtime, if it was
  compiled with msc then it used mono. Is this correct?

4) Is this the right place for this mail, or should I have submitted the
  patch and test case into bugzilla?

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