[Mono-list] New improved Emacs C# mode

Dennis Haney davh@davh.dk
02 Jun 2002 22:03:39 +0200

Martin Baulig <martin@gnome.org> writes:

> Dennis Haney <davh@davh.dk> writes:
> > This also has the distinct benefit that cc-mode is again the one you
> > have installed, instead of the one Brad Merrill supplied you with.
> > 
> It'd be really great to have a stand-alone version of C# mode which you
> can install just like any Emacs package and which doesn't change the
> existing cc-mode.

Which is what I made...

use Inline C => qq{void p(char*g){printf("Just Another %s Hacker\n",g);}};p("Perl");