[Mono-list] .Net App Server

Ben Hutchison ben.hutchison@intamission.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:15:33 +0100

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From: "Tom Reilly" <treilly@macromedia.com>
  When I think of success and critical mass
> I think of Apache, JBoss may get to that point someday but
> BEA, IBM and Oracle are clearly the established leaders.
Cant agree. Jboss is already very successful and widely used app-server in
the top tier. Sounds like your info is out of date.

> JBoss's biggest problems IMHO are that:
> 1) It tries to be J2EE, J2EE is software by committee that
> evolves slowly and is pulled in many different directions by
> companies with widely varying agendas.

Huh? Isnt Jboss an implementation of J2EE? Thats like saying Mono's problem
is that its trying to be a C# compiler and a CLR.

At least be fair and attack J2EE directly, and not JBoss for being a good
implementation. And a bit of technical substance in your criticism would be
welcome too.
> 2) Its based on Java.  Running an open source server on a
> closed source JVM is going to keep a lot of talented open
> source hackers from joining the fray.

Which is why JBoss is currently ranked No .2 on sourceforge.net's "Most
Active" projects I suppose?

Not to mention the facts A) Java is not one JVM, B) that you can freely
download the FULL SOURCE CODE for all versions of Suns JVMs.

Also Java has some
> fundamental problems that .Net addresses.

Could you be a bit vauger please?

Also .Net has some fundamental problems that Java addresses. (Example:
Remote class downloading.) Cars have some fundamental problems that planes
address (eg cannot fly). Handwave... Handwave...

> For one Mono isn't  trying to be .Net,

From the Mono homepage "the Mono project, an effort to create an open source
implementation of the .NET Development Framework"

Seriously Tom, if you're not trolling, check your info.