[Mono-list] .Net App Server

Pavel Tcholakov pavel@linux.zonebg.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:08:51 +0200

On Thursday 18 July 2002 20:40, Tom Reilly wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't mean to bad mouth JBoss, it does have some
> great technology.  When I think of success and critical mass
> I think of Apache, JBoss may get to that point someday but
> BEA, IBM and Oracle are clearly the established leaders.
> JBoss's biggest problems IMHO are that:
> 1) It tries to be J2EE, J2EE is software by committee that
> evolves slowly and is pulled in many different directions by
> companies with widely varying agendas.
> 2) Its based on Java.  Running an open source server on a
> closed source JVM is going to keep a lot of talented open
> source hackers from joining the fray.  Also Java has some
> fundamental problems that .Net addresses.
> Building an app server on Mono could result in a completely open
> platform that has neither of these problems.  For one Mono isn't
> trying to be .Net, the attitude of copying what's good and improving
> or innovating in the areas that aren't is great.  And running
> Mono on Linux w/ Apache and MySQL/Postgresql would enable completely
> open source server infrastructure.
> Something like that has a chance of achieving the level of success of
> Apache, IMHO.

Put this way, I could not agree with you more.

J2EE (and JBoss) will still have their users. A ligthweidht (ligther than 
J2EE, that is) Mono-based app server that isn't necessarily an exact clone of 
.NET would really hit the sweet spot for those who presently use J2EE to 
build JSP-based websites.