[Mono-list] I would love to start a project to right a GUI Editor for Mono

Mike Krüger omni_brain@hotmail.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 07:18:18 +0200


> I have never written GUI apps in Linux but I thought maybe I could write a
> GUI Editor like Visual Studio Dot NET that could do ASP.Net and ADO.Net.
> Since the form elements are at least a year out from the looks of it. What
> do you think?
> I will start looking into GNOME and X windows Development, in the mean

If you're interrested in writing a IDE for .NET please join the SharpDevelop
We need contributors and coders. SharpDevelop is designed with portability
in mind. When
Mono & GTK# will run well, we'll port it over to linux.
Currently the dialogs get converted to a xml format, which could be used
with GTK# too (XSL
transform), this make it easier to switch the GUI APIs and the basic 'GUI'
functionalaty is made
abstract and has a very high level 'interface' which should map to any GUI
API system.
Some controls and classes must be ported by hand and currently not all
dialogs are in the xml format.

For the port we could need some help too :)

I'm currently writing more documentation and examples to make it easier for
other people to contribute
and understand the project. Soon it will be much easier to get into it and
coding something productive for
I think it is better to concentrate on a single development environment to
compete with VS.NET, because it
is a huge development effort and it is better to have ONE really good IDE
than to have five kdevelop clones
which are full of bugs and can't even compete with jedit in terms of project
management, editor etc.