[Mono-list] I would love to start a project to right a GUI Editor for Mono

Moritz Balz verteiler@mbalz.de
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 00:13:35 +0200

Maybe there is no need to write this from scratch. There is already an
open source project named SharpDevelop
Because of it's using WinForms it does'nt run under linux yet, but it
might be a good point to start from.
As far as I can remember the author participated in the GUI discussion
on this list some days ago, so I think he is interested in making it run
under linux.

Jeff Turner wrote:

 > I have never written GUI apps in Linux but I thought maybe I could
 > write a GUI Editor like Visual Studio Dot NET that could do ASP.Net
 > and ADO.Net. Since the form elements are at least a year out from the
 > looks of it. What do you think?
 > I will start looking into GNOME and X windows Development, in the mean
 > time.
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