[Mono-list] Fwd: Possible replacement for Windows.Forms

murban murban@houston.rr.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 00:23:00 -0500

What proportion of the code for the reimplemented WxWindows would be unique to 
each toolkit (e.g. MS Windows, GTK+, Xlib, Motif, Carbon)?

My concern would be that instead of creating two libraries, one that maps C# 
to C another layer that maps C to C++, you're going to have a C# to C library 
for MS Windows, another for GTK+, another for Xlib, etc.

On Tuesday 16 July 2002 11:12 pm, you wrote:
> This is why I think reimplementing wxWindows would be better.  It would
> also not add additional requirements.  It would compile against
> something the user should have (GTK+, Xlib, Motif, Aqua, Carbon, etc.)
> Of course, this runs into the problem of having to maintain the code
> changes wxWindows has.