[Mono-list] About Code Exchange between Go-Mono and Intel OCL

Francesco FD. Delfino fdelfino@napoli.consorzio-cini.it
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:17:28 +0200

My idea is to take something from the c# classes that handles the System.Xml namespace: in the mono implementation not all the constructors are provided and actually (my attention is on XmlTextReader class), I have a project that needs those constructors. I'd like to provide code to modo, but now I have seen the OCL implementation.
On mono site there is a warning:
"In general be careful when you are implementing free software and you have access to proprietary code. We need to make sure that we are not using someone else's copyrighted code accidentally. "
I just do not want to face such kind of a problem.
If it is possible to cut & paste some code from OCL libraries and put them at mono disposal, without problems with mono classes licensing, i will give some code in the System.Xml namespace.

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	--- "Francesco FD. Delfino" <fdelfino@napoli.consorzio-cini.it> wrote:
	> Is it possible to take classes from OCL and intergrate them in
	> Go-Mono by a technical point of view?
	> Is it possible also from a legal point of view?
	Can you please present a set of links to this software?
	What is the license of the code that you want to use?
	Mono uses different license for different things.
	What is the license of the OCL? What is the OCL if I may ask a stupid
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