[Mono-list] Building mono cs compiler

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jul 2002 01:19:34 -0400

> BTW, if the compiled mcs and class libs are platform independent and 
> still needed to jump start the build, why aren't they checked in the cvs 
> under some tools modules, referenced in the makefiles and overwritten by 
> use of env vars? The end result would be to provide a self sufficient 
> build environment for mono and avoid breaking while making the build 
> just with my new version of mcs that I would hack and modify, and (very 
> lickely) be bogus forcing me to reinstall an old one every time just to 
> make again. Any comments on that?

The official releases contain those binaries (mono-0.10, mono-0.11,
mono-0.12, and so on).

Then other people make daily builds (some of those binaries you got).  

And once we are fully self hosting (112 tests pass, 5 fail still with
our corlib compilation), we will provide Red Carpet channels for various
operating systems.