[Mono-list] Windows.Forms, KDE

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 09:12:38 +0000


>I am personally no longer sure that a complete Windows.Forms
>emulation is possible without resorting to things like using Wine

Oh, thats interesting.
Can you then update the following side, with the new information?:

It is no problem, if there existing no Windows-Forms for Linux,MacOS, etc. 
But I think it is advisable to point on the homepage out, that its 
improbably, that there comes an Windows-Formes for Linux out.

Until now, people thought, that all programs which used W-Forms (like 
SharpDevelop) will run in the future on Linux.
Until now, it looks like, that only with use of W-Forms it is possible, to 
have programs, which run on every OperatingSystem with .net-implemetation.

Now, you say that only the use of GTK# and Qt# ensure a platformindependent 
of GUI for .net

So, I think, it is important to say that on the mono-homepage, before people 
write OpenSource W-Form-programs in hope, that it run in any time on Linux.

Freddy BL

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