[Mono-list] Microsoft .NET SDK has been released FYI

Shawn Vose voseman3@attbi.com
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 06:24:29 -0500

Thats not all either. It seems that you will have to really clean your win
box of the beta in order to get the latest version to install.Some have even
suggested wiping the win box and reinstalling everything.

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RE: [Mono-list] Microsoft .NET SDK has been released FYI>I am not sure if
any of you are still trying to dload the framework
>but they(MS) stopped the service temporarliy because of time
>out issues. I guess all of the subscribers tried to dload it at one
>time and the win2k servers couldnt handle the load. Also you
>are going to need a bunch of ram when you unzip the sdk if you
>use the self extractor as it will require greater than 196megs.

So it's like beta 2 then?  It managed to chew up all the RAM in my 384M
system; that was a surprise...

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