[Mono-list] Microsoft .NET SDK has been released FYI

Phillip Pearson pp@myelin.co.nz
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 09:28:36 +1300

RE: [Mono-list] Microsoft .NET SDK has been released FYI>I am not sure if
any of you are still trying to dload the framework
>but they(MS) stopped the service temporarliy because of time
>out issues. I guess all of the subscribers tried to dload it at one
>time and the win2k servers couldnt handle the load. Also you
>are going to need a bunch of ram when you unzip the sdk if you
>use the self extractor as it will require greater than 196megs.

So it's like beta 2 then?  It managed to chew up all the RAM in my 384M
system; that was a surprise...