[Mono-list] Microsoft .NET SDK has been released

RG rgoodwin@nucentrix.net
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 13:37:00 -0600

Where I'm going to be very interested is in the CE.NET compact framework.. I
wonder how much they are going to try and squeeze into it... That brings to
mind, will Mono have a compact version as well for the ongoing Linux/PDA

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> > What takes up a good portion of Visual Studio.net is the MSDN
> > Library that is integrated with Visual Studio.net
> >
> > I'm sure the same is with the .NET Framework SDK.
> You're right that the MSDN library is in the VS.net, but it's not in the
> .NET framework.  But the framework does include all the command-line
> compilers etc.  The redistributable package (end-user, not developer
> including all the asp.net stuff) is only 21mb.  Which for something as
> far reaching as .net isn't really too bad.
> The 1800mb download also contains Viso Architect edition (allowing
> database design and class diagrams support including code generation and
> reverse engineering), and MSDE (Microsoft's giveaway version of SQL
> Server).
> Seeya
> James
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