[Mono-list] Microsoft .NET SDK has been released

James Berry james@adastra.co.uk
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 19:14:17 -0000

> What takes up a good portion of Visual Studio.net is the MSDN 
> Library that is integrated with Visual Studio.net
> I'm sure the same is with the .NET Framework SDK.

You're right that the MSDN library is in the VS.net, but it's not in the
.NET framework.  But the framework does include all the command-line
compilers etc.  The redistributable package (end-user, not developer
including all the asp.net stuff) is only 21mb.  Which for something as
far reaching as .net isn't really too bad.

The 1800mb download also contains Viso Architect edition (allowing
database design and class diagrams support including code generation and
reverse engineering), and MSDE (Microsoft's giveaway version of SQL