[Mono-list] Some questions about mono

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 03:25:53 -0700

> 2. The Execution
> On Windows the .NET-Programs are started like native-code. That are
> .EXE-Files which can be started like native-code Executables.
> But on Linux there must been written "mint program.exe".
> I have renamed a program from "program.exe to "program" and tried
> to change
> the first characters with Midnight Commander to "#!/bin/mint".
> After it, the
> program can be run like a normal executable, but there comes an error by
> mint. :-(
> So, is it possible, that you create a C-Sharp program, that changed the
> native-code  Windows hull of the Assembly to an Unix hull. And a program,
> which changed a Unix hull to native-code Windows hull? And is it
> possible,
> that you write mint so, that it starts both: programs with a Windows hull
> and programs with an Unix hull?
> And that the mcs creates as default an Unix-hull?


I'll leave the other questions in your message for those more qualified.

As IL assemblies (like the ones that mint can execute) are binary files, one
can't embed a 'wrapper' like one might in a textual, interpreted language
like Perl or Python.

Linux, however, does have kernel support for running binary files (such as
Java classes) implicitly as MISC executables.  When configuring your kernel,
make sure that you're enabling MISC executables.  The kernel configuration
process should also provide you with more information on how to set this up.

Hope this helps a bit,

~ j.