[Mono-list] Some questions about mono

theUserBL theUserBL theuserbl@hotmail.com
Mon, 07 Jan 2002 10:15:19 +0000

Hi all!

I have tested Mono 0.7 and Mcs 0.7 and now I have some questions:

1. The License

That the Interpreter mint and the Compiler mcs are under the GPL is ok.
But in the root-directory of the mcs-Sources there is a file named COPYING 
in which stands the GPL, and in the other directories there are Libraries 
for Mono and the Mcs. And in the Library-Files there don't stand a special 
Are you sure, that for libraries there isn't the LGPL or the GPL with 
special extensions better?
It is possible, that in any time everybody creates something like gjc for 
C#. With GPL-Libraries there can be only GPL-Software be written. Or if 
anybody port Mono-Libraries to C++. Then the C++-Programs must been under 
the GPL, if the libraries are under the GPL. Thats the reason why the 
GNU-Classpath-Project (http://www.classpath.org) search for a suitable 
license, which is not the GPL. (They want to create a license, which is the 
GPL with special extensions).

2. The Execution

On Windows the .NET-Programs are started like native-code. That are 
.EXE-Files which can be started like native-code Executables.
But on Linux there must been written "mint program.exe".
I have renamed a program from "program.exe to "program" and tried to change 
the first characters with Midnight Commander to "#!/bin/mint". After it, the 
program can be run like a normal executable, but there comes an error by 
mint. :-(
So, is it possible, that you create a C-Sharp program, that changed the 
native-code  Windows hull of the Assembly to an Unix hull. And a program, 
which changed a Unix hull to native-code Windows hull? And is it possible, 
that you write mint so, that it starts both: programs with a Windows hull 
and programs with an Unix hull?
And that the mcs creates as default an Unix-hull?

3. a compiled mcs

mcs-0.7.tar.gz includes the sources of mcs, which can only be compiled on 
Windows and mono-0.7.tar.gz includes the sources of the Interpreter which 
can only be compiled and started under Unix.
Is it possible, that you create a compiled mcs, so that people only need to 
install mono-0.7.tar.gz to run and compile C-Sharp programs on Unix?


PS: In the german "dot.net magazin" (http://www.dotnet-magazin.de/) there 
was on the CDROM mono-0.7.tar.gz and mcs-0.7.tar.gz and in the magazine an 
interview with Miguel de Icaza about the mono-Project. I was happy to see so 
much about mono there. :-D

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