[Mono-list] Using the MonoTODO attribute..

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jan 2002 19:57:27 -0500

> 	The usage is quite simple. Examples include :
> 	[MonoTODO]
> 	[MonoTODO ("Need to re-work the logic here")]
> 	[MonoTODO ("Make loop faster")] [MonoTODO ("Get rid of cruft")]

I want to discourage people form using [MonoTODO] as a way of keeping
track of pending optimizations.   It should only be used to label API
calls that are unfinished.  Attributes will be carried to the
assemblies, and they should all be gone by the time we ship the first
release of the libraries, so they are the wrong place to leave your
pending tasks.  Use an extra file, file a bug report in bugzilla but
please do not use MonoTODO for this.

MonoTODOs should only be used to pragmatically compute how far we have
gone in the libraries.