[Mono-list] Using the MonoTODO attribute..

Ravi Pratap M ravi@ximian.com
07 Jan 2002 09:30:53 +0530

Hi guys,

	In case this has slipped past the attention of most people :

	I just wanted to quickly let everybody hacking on the class libraries
know that we now have a MonoTODO attribute which we use to mark all
incomplete code and code which probably needs fixing. 

	I have gone about all class libs except the System.Web and System.XML
namespaces and applied these attributes everywhere and I would urge
everyone from now on to use the same everywhere. Also, if you find for
some reason that I have not covered a class/namespace you maintain,
please inform me or quickly insert the attributes yourself ;-)

	The usage is quite simple. Examples include :


	[MonoTODO ("Need to re-work the logic here")]

	[MonoTODO ("Make loop faster")] [MonoTODO ("Get rid of cruft")]


	Hoping everybody jumps quickly into doing this :-)



"If you're smart, you'll be humble. There always is somebody
who hasn't read a book and knows twice as much as you do."

              -- David Duchovny in Readers' Digest

	Ravi Pratap M                    <ravi@ximian.com>