[Mono-list] MonoPython?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Jan 2002 13:57:20 -0500

> I think that the real problems are to do with mapping the
> semantics of Python to .NET; this I can't yet comment
> on, I haven't researched it enough.  I was wondering about
> doing my research by hacking MonoPython and seeing exactly
> why it won't work :-)

Thanks Ian for the explanation.

What Jan said at the PDC was that one of the reasons why Python and Perl
as compilers that generate CIL code were not that useful was because
there was no way to interface the existing Python and Perl plugins to
the CIL code. 

Many people use extensions that are written in C, and those would not be
moved transparently.  Using the existing Perl interpreter and VM engine
they could easily export all Perl types to .NET and the other way
around.  Of course there was going to be a performance hit because the
JIT would not be able to directly access fields in Perl land or the
other way around, but at least they would get full compatibility with
existing source code.