[Mono-list] MonoPython?

Nick Collier nick.collier@verizon.net
04 Jan 2002 09:15:51 -0500

Jim Hugunin, the original author of Jython (then JPython),
describes the basic architecture of Jython at


From this and my own work on a python derivative that compiles to java
byte code, I don't see why many of the dynamic properties of python
can't be implemented. Of course, I'm not very familiar with CLI / CLR so
there are no doubt unexpected pitfalls.


On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 06:45, Guy Murphy wrote:
> [snip]
> > What's wrong with it?  I would probably adopt a similar approach.
> > My own thoughts have been to use "jay" for the Python grammar
> > and obtain a parse tree of the Python code to be compiled.
> > (All in C# btw). Walk the parse tree and use System.Reflection.Emit
> > to create the byte code.
> >
> Well, I'm a big big fan of Python, its a wonderful prototyping tool, and
> good for a wide range of web development. I am however dubious abouts it
> suitability as a language in which to produce a compiler (one concern raised
> by ActiveState was the slow compile times).
> > I think that the real problems are to do with mapping the
> > semantics of Python to .NET;
> I dont think this is the case (although I could well be wrong), as there
> have been no problems mapping Python semantics to Java (no problems in that
> it's been done, I have no idea if it was easy to do or not), as we can see
> from Jython.
> I'd underline the fact that we have a Java/Python implimentation that works
> well and is "adult". I don't see the big difference between C#/.NET and
> Java/VM that would suddenly throw the whole thing into the realm of
> "problematic" which is at the end of the day where ActiveState placed
> Python.NET. To paraphrase "harder than we thought, we were going to have a
> crack at it but decided its not worth the resource as its running like a
> dog".
> > this I can't yet comment
> > on, I haven't researched it enough.  I was wondering about
> > doing my research by hacking MonoPython and seeing exactly
> > why it won't work :-)
> Well if it wont work one has to ask why will Java/Python work and not
> .NET/Python? If there's a genuine reason then its an area of concern.
> Guy.
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