[Mono-list] Missing Types from corlib

Quenio dos Santos Quenio.dos.Santos@ZeroG.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 05:37:02 -0800


I would like to make a suggestion for the Class Libraries Status Page. Right
now, for each class, we have three columns saying "Implementation", "Tests",
"Completion". The first two say Yes or No , and the last one says the
percentage of completion. This percentage right now means the implementation
completion and says nothing about the tests completion. So, what if we
change it to have only the "Implementation" and "Tests" columns, and then
their values would be, instead of Yes or No, the completion percentage of
the implemenation and the tests, respectively.

My suggestion is primarily because I would like myself to concentrate on the
unit tests when I get a chance to help on the class libraries, and this
change would allow me to know easily which classes need more attention in
terms of unit testing. It also show better the progress of the unit testing
on the class libraries.

Quenio dos Santos
Brazilian Developer

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> BTW, this info would go great on the class status web page so people
> easily can pick something to implement.

I did a quick hack to the Web site to list these and link the
information to its MSDN Microsoft documentation.

Ideally we should automate this process and have a program compare our
assemblies and Microsoft's and display which classes we are missing and
generate the information out of this.

Also, Nick and I discussed the use of some attributes to tag classes:
MonoAuthor, MonoMaintainer and MonoTODO.  The only issue I have with
MonoAuthor and MonoMaintainer is that in the end we might end up with a
large amount of attributes that are not easy to "remove" from say an
embedded build.

The idea would be to use it like this:

[MonoAuthor ("Guarav")]
class MyClass {
	void printf ()
		throw new exception ("unimplemented");

MonoTODO can be removed as we move along, but MonoAuthor might end up
forever in the code, and it would be hard to remove from non-production


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