[Mono-list] Missing Types from corlib

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Jan 2002 02:52:14 -0500

> BTW, this info would go great on the class status web page so people
> easily can pick something to implement.

I did a quick hack to the Web site to list these and link the
information to its MSDN Microsoft documentation.

Ideally we should automate this process and have a program compare our
assemblies and Microsoft's and display which classes we are missing and
generate the information out of this.

Also, Nick and I discussed the use of some attributes to tag classes:
MonoAuthor, MonoMaintainer and MonoTODO.  The only issue I have with
MonoAuthor and MonoMaintainer is that in the end we might end up with a
large amount of attributes that are not easy to "remove" from say an
embedded build. 

The idea would be to use it like this:

[MonoAuthor ("Guarav")]
class MyClass {
	void printf ()
		throw new exception ("unimplemented");

MonoTODO can be removed as we move along, but MonoAuthor might end up
forever in the code, and it would be hard to remove from non-production