[Mono-list] MonoPython?

Guy Murphy guy.murphy@calaba.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 10:18:04 -0000

I'll preface my comments by saying up front and clearly, I dont write
compilers so it easy for me to make braod sweeping statements that are
possibly completely off base.

I was somewhat confused that ActiveState had had so many problems with
Python.NET when Jython had been so successful, and then I read this is their
white paper on the matter...

The Python for .NET compiler is written using CPython.  It compiles Python
source code, and uses the .NET Reflection::Emit library to generate a .NET
assembly.  The  COM Interoperability features of .NET are used to access the
Reflection::Emit library.

Can this be regarded as a serious attempt to produce a Python.NET


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> Actually I think you mean Jan not me. He is the developer of PerlNET -
> the .Net binding for Perl and is better qualified than me to explain the
> details ( and it was he who presented at the PDC ). I do know however
> that there were a number of issues around getting dynamically typed
> languages to fit with the statically typed nature of .Net - these are
> all discussed in the white paper previously referenced on this thread.
> Maybe Jan can contribute more when he gets back from his vacation.
> as David Dawkins pointed out Visual Python is basically Visual studio
> integration for interpreted python. There are no immediate plans for
> this to be extended to host a python for .Net compiler. However out
> Visual Perl product does now host the perlNet compiler so this may
> happen in the future for python.
> Ian MacLean
> Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> >
> >I wish Ian from Active State (I know he reads the list) could share with
> >us his experience.  His presentation at the PDC addressed the various
> >issues that are involved into supporting things like Perl and Python in
> >a .NET environment.
> >
> >I can explain if he does not post before me, but I rather fix a show
> >stopper in the compiler right now (I got a sample test case now ;-)
> >
> >Miguel.
> >
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