[Mono-list] MonoPython?

Ian MacLean ianm@ActiveState.com
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 01:05:01 -0800

Actually I think you mean Jan not me. He is the developer of PerlNET - 
the .Net binding for Perl and is better qualified than me to explain the 
details ( and it was he who presented at the PDC ). I do know however 
that there were a number of issues around getting dynamically typed 
languages to fit with the statically typed nature of .Net - these are 
all discussed in the white paper previously referenced on this thread. 
Maybe Jan can contribute more when he gets back from his vacation.
as David Dawkins pointed out Visual Python is basically Visual studio 
integration for interpreted python. There are no immediate plans for 
this to be extended to host a python for .Net compiler. However out 
Visual Perl product does now host the perlNet compiler so this may 
happen in the future for python.

Ian MacLean

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>I wish Ian from Active State (I know he reads the list) could share with
>us his experience.  His presentation at the PDC addressed the various
>issues that are involved into supporting things like Perl and Python in
>a .NET environment.
>I can explain if he does not post before me, but I rather fix a show
>stopper in the compiler right now (I got a sample test case now ;-)
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