[Mono-list] Runtime troubles

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
01 Mar 2002 00:26:57 +0100

Hi guys,

maybe I'm stupid, but mono crashes whatever application I try to run.

I uploaded my corlib.dll and my Hello.exe to:


Running strace -eopen mono showed me that mono is really using this corlib -
doing an ildasm on it on Windows showed me no problems and the md5sum of the
files matches ....

74018b98ce96ab02ae61c6f4674a9d3c *NUnitBase.dll
7dc86acb79ed9110f2784752f67d3141 *NUnitCore.dll
ec3a930e285cb867f9396ec96e65898d *System.Data.dll
97101d4c4658371bc1fa2a35b6e9c929 *System.Xml.dll
a97672377dd6921e74c9573d74237351 *System.dll
866e0eb0a8850c62259e934dfcd85788 *corlib.dll
6e2dac83b993ea825fa1b3f946741bd8 *corlib_cmp.dll   

Anyone an idea ?

Martin Baulig