[Mono-list] you do not need Linux to hack on mono

Martin Baulig martin@widget.gnome.org
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 16:55:02 -0500

> Oh, then there is a lot of interesting stuff that you can do:
> 	* Work on tests for the class library.

Well, basically the only problem here is to find a way to run a test using
our class libraries and not mscorlib.dll. The tests themselves aren't really
specific to Linux or Windows (except, of course, if you're testing an
OS-specific class), so we only need one set of tests for both platforms.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to tell an application to pick our corlib.dll
instead of mscorlib.dll on Windows.

> I suggest you write the tests first, because writing tests gets you up
> to speed with .NET idioms and C# and it makes you understand the various
> interlocking piece of the class library.  Armed with this knowledge
> implementing the classes is even more fun!

If you just want to write tests, you don't even need to worry about the
runtime at all - just write your tests using mscorlib.dll and make sure they
pass. This way we make sure we have working test cases (ie. if a test passes
using mscorlib.dll it must also pass with our corlib).

Other people can then run your tests on Windows to test our class libraries.