[Mono-list] String.Compare - MS doc discrepancies

Warren Schrey warren@elven.ca
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:36:05 -0500

Hello t3rmin4t0r (if that is indeed your real name),

> Does that mean we should report a bug on MSDN ? Or is publishing tests
> of .NET illegal as per EULA. ROTFLAMO....
> I think you guys are doing a good job testing mscorlib.dll, but I think
> M$ EULA actually restricts benchmarks (maybe even tests). Watch out coz
> M$.....EULA violation......Mono on ice......(fill the blanks).

While your input on the subject of Mono-proejct development would certainly
be welcome here, Microsoft-bashing is not productive.  There are many forums
out there for such discussion; this isn't one of them.

For your information, though, a quick read of the EULA packaged with the
.NET SDK as provided by Microsoft, reveals no limitations on testing or