[Mono-list] String.Compare - MS doc discrepancies

t3rmin4t0r funwithpnet@yahoo.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 20:48:06 +0530

> according to the MS docs, the following code should throw an exception
> Our implementation "correctly" throws the exception - but the microsoft
> runtime does not.
	Does that mean we should report a bug on MSDN ? Or is publishing tests
of .NET illegal as per EULA. ROTFLAMO....

I think you guys are doing a good job testing mscorlib.dll, but I think
M$ EULA actually restricts benchmarks (maybe even tests). Watch out coz
M$.....EULA violation......Mono on ice......(fill the blanks).
> So, what's the correct behavior ?
	The safe behaviour is throwing an exception. (please define "correct").
Also if it gives you any satisfaction, pnetlib also throws an exception.

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