[Mono-list] CorCompare XML ready

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
26 Feb 2002 02:18:33 -0500

> Anyway, it's all in the attached .tar.gz, I've included a .htm file
> which is the result of running 'cscript /nologo transform.js >
> cormissing.htm' on a win32 machine with a reasonably recent version of
> MSXML installed.
> I'm going to add buttons to do simple filtering, eg: 'show only TODOs',
> 'hide completed', etc...

OH MY GOD.  This is beautiful!

Is there any chance that we could offer this in a number of files, so it
could be possible to download the status in chunks instead of a single
290k file?

This is really good, so if its not possible, do not worry ;-)

Now, how can I get this beauty deployed?