[Mono-list] CorCompare XML ready

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:38:11 +0900

| Oops, I forgot the attachment...


This is pretty cool.  Does it work in non IE browsers?  I tried it in Opera
on windows and you can collapse/expand (i.e. the + and - are not links).

Also, there are missing and todo counts available for the assembly and
namespaces too.  Can you add those?  Also the counts are too far to the
right of the class name which makes it hard to pair up visually.  Can you
move those to the left a bit?

Great work. Not at all what I had in mind, but cool just the same. This
should be at least one view of the status.  Maybe we don't even need
separate pages describing the status of each class.  Maybe this is enough.

It has the advantage that nothing other than the cormissing.xml needs to be
generated in order to update the website.

Does anyone else have an opinion?

Nick D.