[Mono-list] Recommended books

Anthony Liekens mooby@nerdhero.org
23 Feb 2002 02:18:43 +0000

> I wanted to know if anybody could recommend any C# books that are out there? 
> I'm hoping to find an advanced book on C#, that also includes info on the CLR,
> the type system, security, class libraries...  Is there any book that you've
> seen that is above and beyond the competition?  Thanks for the feedback!

(this post is giving a review, it's not a must-have recommendation, but
I don't know of any better books)

I am currently using Tom Archer's "Inside C#", published by Microsoft,
ISBN 0-7356-1288-9

It gives a good overview of C#, structure is similar to stroustrup
(except for stroustrup's STL blahblah), has a couple (few) of MSIL code
examples, talks about reflection and metadata, is quite readable
(although sometimes a bit slow in building upto the real details we
nerds are interested in), but is a good introductory book overall, and I
would recommend it to anyone *starting* with C#.

It's not the complete solution for your problem, but handles most of the
general language and OO blurb, although part of the book seems to be
intended for beginners.