[Mono-list] Mono project

Ashwin Sivakumar bmbasi@bmb.leeds.ac.uk
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 16:13:02 -0000

My name is Ashwin.I am a research student in Bioinformatics at 
Leeds University in UK.I cam across your project called "Mono" 
which could make c# compilable in unix/linux environment.I thought 
this would be a very interesting project especially in Bioinformatics 
point of view.I am very familiar with Java and related development 
and had a short stint with C#.I am actually not too familiar with c# 
but its being said that it scores over java especially in terms of 
graphics creation.
I am actually working on a paper, part of which deals with the 
prediction of the computational language which is going to dominate 
the field of Bioinformatics over the coming years.
Historically Bioinformatics related software development is heavily 
unix/linux oriented.Thus its very important for a successful language 
to be unix/linux compatable.
I will be greatly helped if you could breif me on the following aspects:
a)How stable will c#  be when its programs are compiled in a unix 
environment when compared to c,c++ or java?
b)I want your views on how user friendly is c# when compared to 
java in general and what are the drawbacks/advantages of C# over 
In anticipation of your reply.
Ashwin Sivakumar,
Research Student,
School of Biochemsitry and Molecular Biology,leeds,UK.
www: http://www.fbsmres.leeds.ac.uk/users/bmbasi/as_home.htm
e-mail: bmbasi@bmb.leeds.ac.uk