[Mono-list] ASP

Patrik Torstensson totte@labs2.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:33:24 +0100

Then I recommend that we implement the HttpRequest, HttpResponse and HttpContext in the Mono.WebServer Assembly and in the ASP.Net framework (where we need to implement all strange methods that the MS version has, we could probably do code reuse here). This is because developers needs a simple interface to the streams and the design of the response/request classes are very nice. We can modify and add our extra functionality to make them better, we should also design the interface between the webserver and ASP.Net very clearly and I would almost recommend the HttpWorkerRequest as base design class.
Otherwise your suggestions is perfect..
- Patrik

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	Hello Patrik,
	   Thanks a lot for your analysis of the problem.
	   Here is my suggestion based on your comments:
	        * New Assembly: Mono.WebServer
	          Exposes: the web server classes (example name: `WebServer')
	          This assembly should run both on Windows with .NET and with
	          Mono (ie, no dependencies on our runtime), so we can engage
	          other users from the Windows world if possible.
	        * HttpChannel, HttpServerChannel:
	          Internally they use the WebServer class from the      
	          Mono.WebServer assembly.
	          This implementation detail is not exposed (for compatibility
	        * People who want to run their own web server, should use the
	          WebServer class in Mono.WebServer.
	        * We implement our ASP.NET server stuff using WebServer.
	        * People who want to embed this in Apache, are encouraged to
	          look at the interfaces exposed by the WebServer and go from